Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Shots - Aerosoft Rome Fiumicino

FSX/P3D. Mathijs Kok of Aersoft has posted several new preview captures from Mega Airport Rome Fiumicino (LIRF). So far the project looks quite promising indeed. What do you think? Take a closer look inside.

See the official Aerosoft preview thread - click here 


Unknown said...

Will be interesting to see how it performs... Dreamfactory's trackrecord is not the best in the world on that area...

Anonymous said...

I own the FS2004 version of LIRF and must say the performance is very good!

KLM737 said...

Does not have the 'wow' factor and I am a bit astonished by the fact that this is still an FS9 port with low res textures.
Look at the roofs on the 3rd picture, I can literally count the pixels on that texture sheet.

This is 2013, Cornels seems to be stuck in 2005. I see absolutely no new techniques, which are now widespread among top tier developers. No shadow baking, no ambient occlusion, etc. Cornel can not slap some generic low resolution textures on some models and sell it for €25,-. We aren't in the glory days of the Simwings era anymore. We are in the native FSX era with advanced design techniques. You can't expect to design an high-end scenery for an high-end price with Gmax: 3DMax is needed for the advanced texturing techniques.

I know this is still WIP, but the fundamental design techniques will not change in the last weeks/months of such a project.

What are your thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, but i wouldn't drop one name exclusively.

Unknown said...

Well, I agree to a certain extent.

For many consumers, expectations are steadily increasing. This is partly due to advancements by legacy top tier developers, but also, because of several extremely talented emerging developers such as 29Palms and LHSimulations. Many people are now expecting brilliant scenery with very little FPS hit.

However, in saying that, I don't think all simmers are necessarily particular about advanced techniques. Outdated techniques may not cut it for the "higher end" crowd, but, may still be acceptable for the more casual simmer who is also a consumer.

I know European airports can be a hard sell. It's possible that the cost benefit just isn’t there given the extra time required to develop using more detailed techniques. Regardless, I always take development previews with a grain of salt. I have been both surprised and disappointed too many times to count.

The market will ultimately decide if outdated techniques have a place at any given price point. I suspect, at least for the time being, that there is still a market for older type sceneries.

Jens said...

... not to forget Vidan Design!!!

Unknown said...

Oh yes, Vidan Design is excellent and one of my new favourite developers. I just wanted to choose developers who are currently taking on larger scale airport projects such as Budapest (LHSimulations) and even Southampton (29Palms/Orbx) – of course Southampton in particular is still very small compared to Rome but you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

I'd buy this European scenery in a jiffy if only its quality was top tier and I'd have to class myself as a casual simmer in many respects. I'm a return-simmer who only returned because the benchmark moved. don't think 'd have ended up doing that if it hadn't because its this new life in the sim that spiked my interest and enthusiasm again. Just a personal viewpoint. This does look a bit fs2004 to me. I want Rome Fiumicino, just needs some life and quality put into it though, like all those top-tier guys mentioned above do. This just makes it look dull, not alive and so quickly boring and that's down to the quality and not the location for me. There's plenty of interesting flights to do to and from here but if it done with some life and interest infused, I'd buy it cos I know I'd enjoy repeatedly arriving and departing from a realistic looking Rome airport. Would be an easy sell for me. It'll be different for some others obviously, I know. Thanks for the shots ADX!

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