Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Aerosoft - Værøy Airport (Norway)!

FSX/P3D. Oh boy, Norway is certainly getting plenty of good news lately! Yesterday, Orbx announced that they are working on some Norwegian airports. Now today, Aerosoft has "almost" announced Værøy Airport (ENVY) and island! Quite an interesting choice as the airport is closed in real life. See inside for some pics and more information.

Note: Aerosoft has not "officially" announced the project but posted a contest about guessing the airport (which has already been correctly guessed). However, from the pics the airport choice is clear. I am assuming the island is to be included as well based on the screenshots. Presumably, details will be "officially" released shortly.

Now, some preview captures:

See the official preview/contest forum posting for more pictures - click here


Anonymous said...

WOW look at those cliffs!

Anonymous said...

Good work!!

Anonymous said...

IIRC this airport has been closed for many years because the wx was too rough out there.

Have a look at this youtube clip:

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