Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Orbx Freeware Tipella (CBB7) - More Shots

FSX/P3D. Orbx has posted some more preview shots from Tipella (CBB7)! This upcoming freeware scenery located in British Columbia, Canada looks spectacular - very much looking forward to this one. Release is expected very soon. See some more preview captures inside.



See the official preview thread for more - click here


Anonymous said...

Orbx giving scenery like this to us for free is what makes them great. Thanks John Venema! :-)

Anonymous said...

this team is amazing, which is why i keep coming back to them.


Unknown said...

I consider this a wonderful "thank you" from Orbx to the consumers.

So, I say "thank you" to Orbx for excellent scenery and keeping me interested greatly in bush flying.

Unknown said...

Orbx has really exploded in the FS community. They make a great product and support it well.

These "initiation" sceneries from new or potential Orbx artists are great. And to offer them free to the community is great show of application to their customers.

Sid said...

Here here! Couldn't agree more! Thanks FTX and John Venema! This looks promising. Good luck in continuing the pursuit of excellence in your developing philosophy, reputation, compatibility fixes with other products and customer relations (and involvement in feedback) and, of course, last but notleast, your ground-breaking product ideas, quality and performance! Happy to support you!

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