Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MSK - City of Gilgit Update Released...

FSX/P3D. Well, after release this weekend it looks like MSK has finally posted an update to their City of Gilgit scenery. The initial release had some very serious mesh problems at both the airport and heliport. To be honest, I probably won't give it a try. Nonetheless, I hope this update fixes the mesh issues - it's actually quite a decent scenery. See inside for more.

Our AirDailyX First Look for Gilgit was somewhat messed up because of the serious mesh problems. Even still, D'Andre did an excellent job with the article, me, not so much... Anyways, to read the first look article - click here

The update appears to be a completely new installer, should be available in your simMarket account.


ALX WNT said...

An update about this product would be nice guys, because i want to buy it this mesh problems will probably drive me crazy, if they still couldnt fix it, it'll be waste of money

Anonymous said...

It's fixed, trust me :-)

And it's the perfect place to embark on an 800 nm mountainous journey to Lukla with your RealAir Duke Turbine.

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