Sunday, June 16, 2013

More shots of the cargo version

FSX. Aerosoft beta team has posted several shots of the cargo version of the Twotter X over Courchevel.

More shots :


Awah Tana Siam said...

Why is the ground all green around the aircraft and in the distance its all snowy, they should take screenshots over some quality scenery...

Anonymous said...

Does it really make a difference.....its about the frigging aircraft ...not the scenery. They could do without posting at all, then you guys would complain about no updates.

Flight simmers can be a thankless group of SOBs. When you buy the product take all the pics you want.

Jack said...

Fully agreed. It's really quite sad actually, I'm sure it wouldn't be surprising if developers get disheartened after putting so much work into their product, only to have everyone complain about the screenshots without even looking at their product.

Kevin Firth said...

Well Finn can get disheartened by my commitment to buy the product once it's released then! :p

Finn said...


Sometimes I simply don´t like to respond to posts like the openeing comment.

It´s a fight against windmills - we cannot win.

The good thing is that we know there are people out there who knows what to look for and what not.

Our beta testers has a fairly free allowance to make screenshots and post them. We don´t like to play censors and tell them with what scenery or not they should take the shots.

Most of the testers simply like to present the aircraft in the sceneries they themself like the most, just like future customers will.

We just hope that other people looking at those screenshots are able to sort things out from those shots, though some obviously aren´t - we cannot safe the world :-)

Finn Jacobsen
(Aerosoft developer)

Anonymous said...

Looking very good this bird. Specially like the propellor effects in the shots. Looking forward to her. Thanx to the developers for making such excellent virtual aeroplanes for all of us to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

The Twin Otter looks very good so far and i am very much looking forward to its release! Thank You very much for the latest preview and update here and keep up Your great work everyone at the Twin Otter's developer team!
Cheers, Christoph

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