Sunday, June 16, 2013

Flightbeam Dulles KIAD this evening*

FSX/P3D. Mir is about to release its third heavy airport, Washington Dulles KIAD, after San Francisco and Phoenix. Beta stage is over and he tried to release it a few hours. We are confident that its going to be this evening (European time zones) and afternoon (North American time zones).
ADX team.

Mir, confirming on flightbeam forum the release timing a few hours ago...
Where is it going to be released ?
Here on Flightbeam official website, product page.

Still don't know what is the FlightBeam quality standard ?




Sid said...

That video still gives me goose pimples! The shear and grand scale of these superior quality giant multi-runway Flightbeam mega-hubs never ceases to mesmerise and amaze me! Just look at that picture above! Its simply beyond belief! Flightbeam just keeps on pushing the envelope and boundaries in major airport design.

The biggest and warmest congratulations on your third and latest major world airport Mir! Credit cards the world over are poised at the ready for the next chapter in Flightbeam magic! All credit to your talents and a job well and truly done mate! Enjoy the sales! Always hoping for expansion of your established brand to a global level but this is a must for any Flightbeam fan anywhere. To say I'm excited just doesn't do this justice. Its a multi-award winner of the year for sure! Thank you from all us simmers the world over!

Kindest regards,

Mason Dominique said...

I so agree Sid !


Sid said...

Thanks Dom! Just saying what I'm sure a lot of us are thinking...respect where respect's due, eh?

Just to add, Happy Fathers' Day to all flight sim Dad's out there...I'm sure once the kids are in bed, we'll all flights will lead to Washington D.C. tonight :-)

Lastly, congrats to airbus on a beautiful bird, hopefully another future visitor to sim Dulles. But this is Flightbeam's, Mir's and Kiad's hour to shine!

Cheers Dom,

Chris said...

Released and downloading :-)

Anonymous said...

as a small update it has already been released

Sid said...

Small? lol.

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