Sunday, June 16, 2013

ADX VFR mission #1

[Flights]. Here is something we might try to develop. VFR practices. Not lessons, we are not real pilots. But this is going to be an open topic... for all of you who want to send us nice VFR plans...

From Flournoy airfield (95OR) to Creswell (77S)
Required :
Google Earth to prepare your flightplan.
Carenado SR22 or any other GA aircrafts
FTX Orbx PNW (better than the FSX defaut...)
Orbx Creswell airfield
MCA Design / NA airstrips vol.1

Flight preparation

Instead of using a paper map, open Google Earth, search for 95OR (Oregon) in the search bar and start to spot your visual points to Creswell.

If you really want to test your skills on VFR, i would recommend you to keep closed your G1000 MFD screen (the right one including the radar). Forget the destination and don't try to find its ICAO code.

Give you one point each time you can spot a VFR point... minus one point each time you look at your radar or switching to the external view.


Flying to the east of Flournoy, you will fly over Roseburg city and its airport. Then you will just follow the Pacific highway 5 all along.
Orenco strip and the ponds on the right. Follow your road on the left of the airstrip.

Just be careful at Curtin, where the PH.5 joins the Umpqua Highway 99...

 Still heading to the north along the PH.5, you will fly over Cottage Grove. Look for the industrial park at your left and the airport at your right. You almost there....
And now the flight
Your departure point at Flournoy airfield (95OR) (here, MCA Design, NA airstrips vol.1, developed by Misha).
Here is the list on your visual spots.
Roseburg city and airport,
Orenco airfields and the small ponds.
Curtin Jonction,
Cottage Grove (industrial park and airport)
Harvey field

Take-off from Flournoy airfield and head to the east (090°). After 1 or 2 minutes, look for Roseburg city and airport.

Once you are over Roseburg city and its typical airport, on a north/South axe,
head to the north and start to follow the motorway (It will guide you right to the final approach of Creswell).  
Try to stay at an altitude of 2 000 - 2 500 feets. (better remove the weather on your first step). 

Point of interest, Winchester. The Douglas forest products area, two bridges and the hill, on the backstage.

Keep your eyes on the motorway...

Try to guess the motorway pathway and take some short cuts when its possible.

The Curtin junction of PH.5 and Highway 99...






On your left, right before preparing your final approach on Creswell, take a look at Harvey airfield on your left.

On final, runway 33 (Creswell).

Just in time for the Barbecue...!
Now, if you have really enjoyed the mission, try to find your way back to Flournoy !
Finding this small strip is much more difficult than approaching Creswell.
Thanks !
Airdailyx June 16th 2013


ricardo_r said...

Great idea!

Sure I'll give a shot on this mission. Keep'em coming! ;)

Kevin Firth said...

Brilliant idea, perhaps there can be a separate part of the upcoming forums for people to share these? Also, rather than use Google Earth, how about promoting Plan-G by Tim Arnott ( which is completely free. We can all share proper Plan-G flightplans then and avoid the need to individually recreate them!?!

Rustam said...

Sounds very attractive to me! Please keep up!!!

Mason Dominique said...

Thanks guys thanks Kevin !

Misha Cajic said...

Nice flight Dom, well planned and will have to try it out :)
Just a HU Dom, You put MSA Designs instead of MCA and NCA Airstrips vol1 instead of NA.
Just thought i'd let you know.

Mr. Spock said...

This kind of thing could very easily become one of my favorites aspects of ADX.

MissionMonkey said...

Wow, great idea. Looking forward to flying this one.

TreeTops said...

This looks fun. Good flight in the new AN-2.
More of these would be much appreciated.

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