Saturday, June 15, 2013

MilViz...Three Projects in Beta...

FSX/P3D. Military Visualizations has disclosed that they currently have three projects in beta... The developer has only confirmed the Bell 407 as one of the beta stage projects, the other two are still undisclosed. So, I guess we can expect a slew of MilViz releases in the not too distant future! See inside for more.

The initial status update as posted on the developers Facebook page:
"Today, for the first time for us, we have not one, but TWO planes in beta... WOW!!!!

I would like to take a moment to say thanks to the great team we have working with us!"


Followed by the below comment soon after:
"Actually, silly me, it's not two, its THREE!!!"

See the developers Facebook page - click here


Taylor said...

Probably the 732 and the king air(?).

Unknown said...

Perhaps the 737, especially since they have already taken some pre-orders for the product. They have confirmed however that the King Air is not one of the three beta stage projects.

Snijboon said...

Hopefully a GA bird. Am still very much enjoying their C310R :D

ggi said...

737 and the Stuka possibly

Awah Tana Siam said...

As they have taken pre-orders for the 737, it will be one of those 3.

Anonymous said...

Don't know the thinking behind bringing out a product for an EXTREMELY niche market (the Stuka) before bringing out a product for a much bigger market (the King Air)... marketing fail.

Naruto-kun said...

Um...The KA and the Stuka are under the hands of entirely separate dev teams within Milviz. As is the 732 and Bell 407. Some of us have small parts to play in all the projects (i typically deal with config managers and cockpit lighting for everything) but that doesnt slow any of the projects down. The KA is still in code so i fail to see how it is a marketing fail....

Unknown said...

The Bell 407, 737-200, and Stuka are the projects in beta.

Anonymous said...

OK just got a mail from them they hope to release in next week no promis but latest info from them..
(send to those that pre purchased and get it a day earlyer then the rest)

would just update you guys

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