Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MilViz 732 on short final!

FSX/P3D. Get ready classic pilots! According to MilViz today, the 737 is on short final which could mean we just might be flying the friendly skies of a bygone era very soon! We will stay on top of the beta announcements closely and keep you up to date as the 732 get's closer. Go Milviz go!


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In 3...2...1... said...


peter said...

hi there where did that funny cartoon go ,you should have left it alone

James said...

Yeah I thought it was hilarious. Maybe someone from Avsim/PMDG couldn't take a joke?

Anonymous said...

So no PDCS wich was a nice guage to learn ?

Ryan said...


Anonymousse said...

I personally didn't get the joke myself.

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