Tuesday, June 25, 2013

OZx 3,4 available !

FSX. The vivid OZx community has released another freeware package, ten new stripes and airports for Australia, including some that might interest you for Orbx Broome.


Where to download / more informations :


TreeTops said...

Better make that '14'.
Thanks for posting this up. Much appreciated.

Rustam said...

Strange... But what about OZx v4.0 (Australia) which I'm currently using?!?

Misha Cajic said...

It doesn't matter, OZx 3.4 does not include any files from OZx 4.0, 3.4 is completely new content. Just install 3.4 straight onto 4.0 and you'll be fine.

Thanks for posting guys

Rustam said...


Thank you very much for clarification... and for your hard work! :) Please keep up!

Sid said...

So should FTX central be set to default or Oceania, prior to installing?

TreeTops said...

Please use the OZx forum for support. Thank you.

Sid said...

Oki doki! Cheers Tree Tops!

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