Monday, June 3, 2013

MCA Designs Next Project Info...Sort of

FSX/P3D. Misha Cajic of MCA Designs has kindly disclosed to AirDailyX some new information regarding his next project! Although we do not know the planned airports, we have learned some very exciting details regarding the project. The follow up package to the recently released NA Airstrips Volume 1 will include at least *6* airports, improved modeling/texturing, significantly larger photoreal area, and a similar price point. Further, the airports will remain in the Pacific Northwest region. See inside for more.

Firstly, if you are not familiar with Misha's work, please see our AirDailyX First Look article for the developers first project, NA Airstrips Volume 1 - click here

What we know about Volume 2...
*The airports will remain in the Pacific Northwest region
*Earliest release date is year end 2013, latest is one year from now
*Minimum of 6 airports, possibly 7
*Larger photoreal area,10 to 20 times larger than Volume 1
*Focus on rural areas
*Still a strong emphasis on performance and FPS, minimum 30 FPS development benchmark
*Improved modeling/texturing with higher resolution buildings
*Greater variety of vegetation
*Clutter and fine detail to be increased
*Similar price point to Volume 1 ($19.99), possible slightly higher
What we don't know about Volume 2...
*The specific airports

See the developers Facebook page - click here


Anonymous said...

dude, a year for a project is a big no-no in the FS industry.

Anonymous said...

Oh really, then you'll be shocked to hear that the PMDG 777 has been a project for way longer than a year.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't say that, especially for a casual part time developer.

DAndre Newman said...

Also keep in mind that with new developers, the first major project is always the slowest.

xavier p said...

Great news, first pack is great... especially the tricky one sitting on a hill.
a lot of fun ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon, my first payware project for FSX only took about 2 weeks to complete

Anonymous said...

2 Weeks?, which product?

Misha Cajic said...

Please read more carefully..maximum timeframe is one year, minimum is 7 months, or till the end of this year. Also when you read through the feature list and just take a look at how much work will go into this package, it seems only fair to give quite a bit of time for it. It's purely an estimate, and note that as Mark said I am not a full time developer and do not have any development team members apart from my testers.
Trust me this will be no easy project! This feature list is only the beginning.


Anonymous said...

If its including 6 airports and it takes 7 months, that is a little over a month for each one. Very respectable, even fast by most standards if the quality is the same (or better) than his first package. Fair enough if it was a year for just 1 airport, but for 6, nothing to complain about IMO. I have the first Volume and its quite impressive for the price. Can't wait for 6 more airports. Price will likely be higher is my guess. If it was only $6.66 or whatever it was each for Vol1, then maybe 6 x $6.66 = about $40 which is still very cheap for such a package. We havent seen a package of airports like this, in this number and quality, for some time anyway. Will be interesting to follow the progress of this one on a number of points. Good luck to the developer

Anonymous said...

Super news Misha!
Great to read that Your fantastic first airport package gets annother - sure - great successor!
Keep up Your great work and - ... take the time it takes!
Cheers, Christoph

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