Monday, June 3, 2013

Orbx Cityscape Canberra Progress!

FSX/P3D. Orbx has posted some more preview captures from Cityscape Canberra! This preview set was released several days ago but almost got lost in all the FTX Global happenings. Certainly looks very impressive - I just can't get of enough of anything Australia right now! Take a closer look inside.

See the applicable preview thread - click here


ALX WNT said...

with all due respect, this is (scenery) useless, UNLESS they fix instant frame drops on Canberra Airport with huge memory leaks. You cant simply fly to canberra with ngx, imagine what would happen when this thing is installed.

Canberra airport needs updates before installing this, performance updates not some 'compability' fixes.

Anonymous said...

Add Alice Springs and Brisbane to the list of Orbx airports that need fixing.

A pity really that I no longer think of them as such a high-quality add-on developer. There are just too many airports where they have taken shortcuts and not tweaked the textures and autogen to make it frame-rate friendly enough.

If I can run FlyTampa Dubai with all the bells & whistles, then so should I be able to run their large airports. That is what I expect of Orbx, that is what I expect from the price the scenery costs, and that is the calibre of quality they need to remain faithful to., sadly they haven't!

Unknown said...

That's interesting as I have never experienced any type of performance issues at Canberra.

Regardless, I agree the airport is due for an update. Would really add value to the cityscape in my opinion.

CKBILLA said...

Longest development cycle and what a flop it will be im sure Canberrans' wont even buy this..
I highly rate everything Orbx has done but wow this is the windows Vista of the fsx add on world! Ha

John Venema said...

I have this running on my laptop and it screams along nicely in most aircraft. There are also no real FPS issues at YSCB if you follow the user guide and be sensible with autogen sliders, and the CityScape product does not worsen the situation at all.

We demoed this at Avalon Airshow on just a midrange Dell laptop and a 60" LCD and we could have sold 100's of beta copies there and then. Most of the oohs and aahs came from Canberra people and those working for Defence based there.

So we're pretty confident this will be a winner. Thanks for the off-topic comments though, those will most certainly make us listen to you and act on your complaints, LOL!

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