Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flylogic... how they care about you..

FSX. The Swiss developer Flylogic is apparently still working on Lausanne La Blecherette LSGL airport. This is an old project, started more than a year ago, But 2 new screenshots have been posted, displaying a new feature : volumetric grass. But the odd thing about...

The odd thing about that the website is not showing the same things according to your native language.

If you select the "Coming soon" option, with Swiss language, you will be seeing incoming projects, Lausanne and some VFR packages for Switzerland Professionnal.

If you select "English", you will get the Grenchen airport, that has been released already months ago.

If you select "French", you get an old product, the Swiss jet patrol X.

I am not saying they don't have the right to do that. I just say they should update their website times to times... And i think i have the right to buy Lausanne even if i not from Switzerland.

Good luck, and good night !
More on Lausanne La Blecherette : 


Sid said...

LOL!!! Sounds nuts! That tickled me...thanks Dom!

Sid said...

And they call it Fly 'logic' :-)

Anonymous said...

every one can buy our products or get information about new devlopments via Aerosoft Simmarket (simflight) etc.

Why you dont send them a email first. Show some Respect!!!

ALX WNT said...

you know airport's surrounding could be better. Because real Blecherette is not the one you see in their page

DAndre Newman said...

I bought their Zurich airport back in 2004/2005 (Long before FSDT)and the funny thing is, their website hasn't really changed much since then...

KLM737 said...

Even though this comment is posted as 'Anon', I can assume you are speaking on behalf of FlyLogic? (Speaking of 'our products' and 'send them an email' is rather confusing)

Anyway, this is not about respect for the developers. ADX holds developers in high regard. They are free and have the right to publish this kind of information and thoughts. This is still a blog where journalistic freedoms apply.

Practises of withholding information from the public/community should be deemed disrespectful to the public/community/customers. Information should belong to the people and not be kept in closed channels. Share and interact with the community, and please don't butthurt due to a completely legitimate article.

All of the above is what makes ADX great: providing insights, thoughts and inside information that this community so desperately needs. :)

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