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Lionheart Fairchild F24-C : First Look

FSX/P3D.  Bill Ortis, founder of Lionheart Creations (Epic LT, Avelina,WT-9, Diamond DA40-XLS...) is in his "vintage" period, started with the Piper Racer 180. The Fairchild has been produced in more than 2 000 units, from 1932 in USA to the end of World War II. Several United States Armees and the British RAF used it and the aircraft is still flying...


37 liveries / 15 seaplanes liveries.
540 MB

The product size reaches 540 MB. And it includes two versions R and W, with wheels or seaplane configuration. From what i understand, the R type was the Ranger american engine.
The W type stands for the Warner super scarab engine.

On my opinion, the Fairchild looks like a grasshopper with its wing structure.

Animations include doors, compartment, window, and of course, flaps, rudders and ailerons.

Apart the fuselage section maybe, all aircraft parts are painted with high resolution textures and show a lot of détails : shadows, wear and tear effects etc. The good news comes from the glasshield. The outer view is absolutely clear, no dark window, no dirts. You will have a complete choice between liveries, various colors and various level of wear and tear. For instance the "Blue Louise" labeled aircraft is a very old plane. Many details gives this Fairchild an elegant style, like the footrest, the seats leather sewing finishing, the wood-type main board etc..

The cons :

Fuselage textures could have been slightly more detailed.

The pros :

The sounds are pretty good. But you will probably want to raise the volume a little bit to enjoy it.
The framerate is really friendly (more than 30 fps on a basic I7).
The installation is very easy.

Special remark : Flysimware has released another variant of the Fairchild almost the same day on Simmarket. That's peculiar and unfortunate as some people might be confused.  Duly noted !

The Lionheart Créations Fairchild 24 has been classified as a General aviation aircraft in  Simmarket libraries.

Official features list :

  •  High resolution 2048 textures
  •  37 Total Variants
  •  2 versions of landing gear models; Classic Skirt Fairings and Skirtless for Bush Landings.
  •  Float Variants for both Ranger and Warner Editions
  •  4 Bush Planes with loads of mud and wear and tear, fading and chipped paint. As rugged as it might get!

  • Several paint scheme versions of Instrument Panels : 
    including rough, military gray, and fine wood venner.

  •  Vintage instrumentation including the Mark12 Narco Com/Nav Radio
  •  Many versions of interiors, too numerous to note here
  •  Glass over gauges
  •  Roll down windows with sound effects
  •  Clickable air vents with sound effects
  •  High detail 1940's style manual booklet 'in' the virtual cockpit (popup feature)
  • * * *  * * * *
  •  Rugged main landing gear for rough field landings
  •  Dual clickable/changeable air speed indicator (ASI) which is either vintage MPH or modern dual MPH/Knots
  •  Animated male pilot with different clothes for some of the paint scheme variants.....
  •  Features 'one' black krinkle 2D Panel for those that must fly in 2D panel mode, (no throttle or special controls in the 2D panel mode. Instrumentation only. Sorry).
  •  Garmin GPS system with NAV2 / COM2 systems (in the right compartment !
  •  VOR Homing gauge linked to the Narco Mark12 radio (NAV1)
  •  No engine crash mechanisms
  • Custom soundpacks of both a radial Super Scarab and inline aircraft engine.
  •  Canoe that can be hidden on the Float Plane only
  •  For FSX and Prepar3D

  • Several animations, for the windows

     More informations on this aircraft : 

    Airdailyx First Look / June 20th 2013

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    What a beautiful airplane Lionheart has done!

    Hope to see some video soon to know how it flyes and sounds.

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