Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mykonos : enhancement patch

FSX/P3D. 29Palms and Aerosoft announce a patch 1.02 very soon, to enhance the scenery with effective night lights.


DAndre Newman said...

Lars is still updating/enhancing a scenery that was released almost a year ago.

Now that's what I call damn good customer service and passion for the work!

p3 said...

Look amazing. my only wish is that they'll move on to a more interesting place in the US - maybe Portland ?

Sid said...

Mykonos is looking even more fantastic than before!

Couldn't agree with you more about the way 29palms is doing such things DAndre...that's one of the best signs of a professional quality outfit and we consumers always come to notice such outstanding, cut-above service and updating of products.

As a result, I trust 29palms with anything they do and sell and will buy every scenery they do without any hesitation whatsoever...couldn't come fast enough. Skiathos is just beautiful...can't get enough of it..award winning no doubt in my book!

Waiting for Southampton International airport. Hope they then move on to another Greek island next...then maybe mainland Greece, Mediterranean, then other tropical islands or sceneries anywhere in exotic locations around the world...Personally wish they'd do some exotic locations in Asia to compliment FTX Global...(an uptodate Singapore...Hint hint). Anywhere would be more than fine though. Their sceneries have a special something that just makes you feel the atmosphere of the actual location. Simply love their work...will keep buying everything and anything Day 1. These lights are simply gorgeous.

Fred said...

Portland more interesting than errr, anywhere? You don't get out much huh.

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