Monday, November 18, 2013

Bombardier Challenger VC update!

FSX. Of many of the developer showcase projects we see come and go on FSDeveloper, many tend to have a beginning and middle, but no end. This Challenger project by Ozzman is deffo showing some serious progress. Like many other aircraft on FSD that never come to fruition, I had the skepticism on the early renders. But after following this project over the last several months including the latest the virtual cockpit, again: I'm impressed! Great render work and looking forward to the texturing process to come. She will look very nice in your hangar next to your Carenado Phenom! Note to the developer: You are doing a great job here.

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DMac10121 said...

I wonder if this could evolve into a CRJ project...

Todd said...

Can't believe this project is freeware, which is amazing given the quality of the work.

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