Monday, November 18, 2013

Milviz 407 Landing. Second exclusive video!

FSX/P3D. Here comes another preview of the Milviz Bell 407. In this second video shared exclusively with ADX, Milviz beta tester and AirDailyX aficionado Jerome Zimmermann takes you over to the altiport de l'Alpe d'Huez (LFHU) for a mountainside approach and landing at this magnificent alpine altiport. Milviz really have done an outstanding job here! Take a look for yourself!

Alpe d'Huez (LFHU) Approach and Landing

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Flying Squirrel said...

Woah, incredible vista you show us there. What scenery is that, where can I buy it?

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hi there,

Thanks and the scenery is available from LLH Créations:

I can recommend it very highly if you like helicopters and alpine flying in general.

Best regards,


Flying Squirrel said...

Thanks Jerome, much appreciated!

Sean McFadden said...

Good news for all Milviz fans is that Bernd Stolle and Colin Pearson have managed to settle their differences and Bernd Stolle is apparently now back with Milviz:

Frederik Hagedorn said...

That's some really cool flying there, what did you use to record the video?

Darren Wood said...

Good news indeed, thanks for the update!

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Thanks Frederik.

I used NVIDIA's ShadowPlay:

Best regards,


cowpatz said...

Now come on Jerome you are meant to land in the little circle with the big H :) Thanks for the vid.

Jerome Zimmermann said...

You're welcome....and I was too busy admiring the scenery ;-)

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