Friday, May 10, 2013

The truth, all the truth

Firenze scenery, abandonned by Italian simmers...?
[FS Market]. Clearly stated a week ago, from FS Dreamteam forum, a few interesting figures on the market. What sells and not.

April 30th 2013, on FSDT Forum :

FSDT CEO, Umberto Colapicchioni, in response to a Roma Fiumicino airport request :

" The true reality is that 80% of users are in the US, and the remaining 20% is split between Germany, UK, France and Canada. Italian are maybe 2% of the total, we sell more in countries such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark, although their population is a tiny fraction of Italy...".

"But you have some ways to make us changing our minds: go buy Aerosoft Florence en-masse, we'll surely notice it".

More on this topic :

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I personally bought Florence LIRQ 3 years ago and this scenery is just a masterpiece. Five years after its release, Florence LIRQ still bears comparison with many other sceneries. And this is not just an airport but the entire city of Firenze, le Duomo etc etc.

Distributed by Aerosoft, developed by people who will later found FS Dreamteam, Florence X still equals many payware... SIX YEARS after its release on the market...

Firenez Amerigo Vespucci LIRQ

Screenshots taken with a Geforce Nvidia GTX 650, average quality settings.
Can you still buy  Florence X somewhere ?
Yes. On Aerosoft. And the best thing to do is wait for a promotional operation on European airports.
What kind of aircrafts are flying there ?
Bombardier Dash 8, Avroliners...
Flight runway
Length: 1,688 mt. / width: 30 mt.
Orientation: RWY 05 QFU 048' - RWY 23 QFU 228'
Paving: Macadam
Strength: PCN 48/F/C/W/T
Airdailyx, May 2013


Mason Dominique said...

I personaly take-off and land there on a B-737-600 quite safely with my 115 virtual passengers...

Anonymous said...

Sorry but this is just a excuse. Rome is one of the mega Hubs in europe. People and Airlines from all over the world visit this city. There is no comparability between the small Florence airport and Rome (except there are both from Italy).

I think flightsim fans from everywhere are care for this airport and waiting for a high class implementation.

I am from Germany and I love america but I would definetly buy Rome before I care for Ft. Lauterdale. And I am pritty sure that a lot of people from America, Canada, Germany, France ... are thinking the same!

Mason Dominique said...

I tend to agree with your opinion. Otherwise, why developers would keep working on Greek airports for instance.
FSDT sales are 80 % from US and 20 % from the rest of the world.
But what is the ratio today, all sales included on the market ? I would say 65 - 70 % on USA/Canada and 30 - 35 % for the rest of the world.

I must add that after Florence, all the italian airports released were disappointed. Milano and Bari especially.
I have just rechecked Bari's textures.. and it's ... well you get it.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it? Why must they assume that if you live in the US, people would buy US only airports? I live in the US and I would buy Fiumicino in a heartbeat. Same goes for any International/Domestic airport developers make. FS flyers want to go to different places, not stay in one location just because we live there.

Mark Smith said...

You are telling the wrong people. If you want action, post in FSDT's forum or send them an email. Maybe with enough enthusiasm (not badgering) FSDT would revisit their position. The bottom line is being able to sell the scenery and enough interest should help them realize that. Just a thought......

Anonymous said...

I agree totally...

Live in Gemany, come from the UK... have airport scenery all over the place... OrbX, FT, Aerosoft... some FSDT even...


ALX WNT said...

1. There's Rome for FSX which is developing by Aerosoft.

2. It all comes to money, if developer thinks that he's not gonna earn from his investment, they simply dont care if it's the hub or something else.

3. Aerosoft Greek airports are exception, because they are small airports, holiday destination and all have nice approaches. Yet, i'd like to see total sales of those products though.

I also asked similar question before, why make another Greek airport instead of making, shangai or moscow or another major, insternational airport. Looks like FSDT gave the response.

Anonymous said...

Multiple people already asked for LIRF, FSDT still doesn't want to do it (As of now). So why spam their forums when all they'll do get annoyed and tell me it has been answered 'a million times'?

Mark Smith said...

I did NOT imply in any way that I recommended anyone to SPAM anyone's forums. If you notice, most developers including FDST have a general area to post such questions. If the developer wishes not to at least entertain questions from the same people who give them a paycheck, that's their prerogative. Then it's time to move on, it would seem that FSDT has chosen to do so. Next........

Anonymous said...

I looked for Florence X on the Aerosoft’s web-sight and could not buy it. It’s a shame I would have loved to buy the scenery. Unfortunately I did not realize it was available in the past. Maybe someone can point me into the right direction if found elsewhere. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. What an queer explanation? How many simmers live in Corfu, Skiathos or in Alice Springs? I would love to buy some italian sceneries, but they have to be good quality. Otherwise I fly in areas I already have a high end scenery.

Anonymous said...

LIRF has recently been released by Aerosoft per DreamFactoryStudio. Why do another version?

Anonymous said...

The current product is not FSX compatible and rumor has it they're having massive problems porting it over from FS9.

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