Friday, May 10, 2013

FTX Global entering alpha stage!

FSX/P3D. An update this morning from John Venema, Orbx's CEO. FTX Global (FTXG) to be released on June 15th. Several options planned. New thrilling shots too.

More details about this announcement :
New screenshots posted ! New set of textures !!
Airdailyx May 2013


Anonymous said...

Looking good.
Does it play well with Ultimate traffic ?


Anonymous said...

I fear that all this is going to do is make the autogen popping even worse. So far the only developer that has managed to release an awesome airport and large cityscape combo is FlyTampa with their new Dubai scenery. It is by far the most amazing fluid scenery of it's kind with somehow a very special technique that they have developed to prevent massive popups.

FTX Global = FTX Global OOM ?

Orbx have yet to show their FTX Global with a complex airport and a complex airliner.

Anonymous said...

extremely impressive, but what will it burden on our current systems? is it VAS friendly or will all flights legs require a FSX reboot after completion?

Anonymous said...

They need to give the option to install on a custom location.
Use smart installer to check compatibility with existing installed airport, landclass e mesh.
I have many scenery from ORBX but stuck on install them as my SSD is full.
The unofficial way is the redirect link method but can lead problem to active via FTX Cetral.
Too bad really

Anonymous said...

The poor design of FSX's code, plus its (FSX's) buginess, requires already, that you close and relaunch FSX, between two flights.

So, I do not see this to be an issue.

Anonymous said...

Once again we get comments from people who don't understand that all FTX Global does is replace Default FSX textures and adds custom autogen textures and night lighting. You should check the Orbx forums where this is all explained clearly. If you can use GEX then expect FTX Global to perform about the same but slightly lower FPS due to higher density autogen and night lighting. But if I know Orbx, they will allow you to disable the lights anyway.

All this talk of OOMs is from people who push FSX too far, with too many addons and too high slider settings. You cannot expect miracles from eight year old code; it's going to break if you add too many layers on top of it. FTX Global does not do that; it simply replaces default files with new ones and adds some lights. How that leads to OOMs is beyond me except if you get OOMs with GEX or Default anyway. It's really a silly argument.

The latest post from JV says the install is 4GB and the disk space 8GB. Again, why would this need a new SSD, HD or linked location. If you are so hard up on disk space that you cannot add an 8GB addon then you have other more serious resource issues to deal with LOL.

Anonymous said...

^ lol

Time to get the popcorn out.

Anonymous said...

If you are so hard up on disk space that you cannot add an 8GB addon then you have other more serious resource issues to deal with LOL.

Seriously did you read or you just laugh to my problem, orbx is not the only one to create scenery.
I have many scenery from ORBX but stuck on install them as my SSD is full.

Anonymous said...

Dunno man, if your disks are down to less than 8gb you're probably losing some performance and that's the bigger issue

Anonymous said...

Anonymous -May 10, 2013 at 6:22 AM, becareful with what you claim. The community is inqusitive. If you have answers to their queries then just simply provide to be an aid and not berate.

The concern is that the addition as it stands with the presently available FTX regions adds approx 200MB to Vas (at normal settings of autogen). Which begs the question, does the FTX new autogen at normal settings best or fulfill areas than the which GEX populate at very dense?

Both of these addons at the respective settings contribute to the approximated VAS MB usage.

Don't miss the target, as I really marvel about these new textures and orientations afforded by FTX and will certainly consider. But the aim is to priortizes and weigh the gains to losses, and provide the community with some instructive feedback.

Anonymous said...

It looks very good, but Orbx should make it so we have either low detail or the ability to switch it off for major metropolitan areas like London or New York. (UK2000 London City + Orbx England + QWings Avro RJ = 100% OOM.)

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