Thursday, May 9, 2013

Surrounded by ghost forums

[FS Market]. Speaking about Simmers - developers relationships, i will wear the barrister's robe and show off another shame. A few developers have to share their time between FS project and other duties. Some of them stay in touch with their customers via a simple email. That's probably okay although not transparent. But aren't ghost forums the worst scenario ? Dozen of them are polluting our leisure and bring disgrace on it. Where is the police ? 

Ghost forums :

TouchDown Sim. Sold one product and gone.
March 31th 2013. One support request. Still no answer.
Several paywares. No more access on forum...
Aviation Multimedia Studios. Two products sold and gone.
April 14th 2013. One support request. Still no answer.
 One payware developed. No forum anymore. No explanations.
Lazy forums:
Respected developers, editors of the famous Topcat and awaited FlightsimSoft.
But... February 27th 2013. Information requested in Topcat forum. Still no answer.
 * * * * *
 By comparison, Akesoft has a very effective forum and admins are usually answering requests.
They develop freewares... And have a sense of service...


Anonymous said...

Tropicalsim forum is down for a few weeks and this is what says:

Okay faithful users...we're attempting to restore an older backup of the will be posted once we're back!

why didn't you include this?

Mason Dominique said...

Yes shure. We will. But we are confident they will restore their forum soon. Otherwise... What sign are they sending to us all ?

Anonymous said...

Sibwings ......zzzzzzz

Fabo said...

Yeah, Topcatsim used to be frequented by Christian. When I bought Topcat, you would get a reply in a day at most. Nowadays... if you so much as try to critique the silence, you will get shot down.

Fun fact: I have been advised that I am to be banned from the forum, on March the 30th - after I dared to express a desire for a proper status update from the developers. I have not been banned yet, all that happened was my posts got deleted, by hand by this silly French person.

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