Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just Flight Eurofighter Due Tomorrow!

FSX. (Released) Just Flight is planning on releasing the Eurofighter tomorrow (Friday)! The release will include twelve liveries, detailed virtual cockpit with HUD, and accurate multi-function displays. Further, six ordnance load-outs are available. See inside for a selection of product screenshots prior to release!


See the developers dedicated product page for more - click here


Anonymous said...

awfully expensive bird....

wonder if it's worth that kind of coin

Anonymous said...

It would be much nicer if JF can release a patch or two for the Tristar before moving to new products. There are quite a few bugs even though the official forums may suggest otherwise.

Route Clearance said...

I'm not much into the military side of FSX, but I've been looking for a Typhoon for awhile. Like to see a review of it.

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