Friday, May 24, 2013

Orbx FTX Global - Day/Night Transition

FSX/P3D. John Venema of Orbx has posted more information regarding FTX Global and the programs day to night transition capabilities. Basically, as per John, "use FTX Day to save FPS in FTX regions and disable dawn/day/dusk lights in Global. Use FTX Night to enable all lights in both products.". See inside for further information.

John's explanation of the lighting system as it relates to Orbx FTX products:
FTX Day = Lights in FTX Global at night only - no lights in FTX scenery

FTX Night = Lights in FTX Global always on 24/7 - lights at dawn/dusk/night only in FTX scenery
So the purpose is the same; use FTX Day to save FPS in FTX regions and disable dawn/day/dusk lights in Global. Use FTX Night to enable all lights in both products.
Moreover, John goes on to explain the differences between the old lighting and new lighting systems as well as addresses performance:
The main difference with Global is the vastly increased density of the lighting without an FPS penalty. I found perhaps 1-2FPS difference over Boston with autogen set to Extremely Dense switching from FTX Day to FTX Night. To me that is almost no penalty, and to be honest I don't even think the performance varies 2FPS, perhaps 1FPS. Because the lights are just autogen now without lightpole polygons and .fx calls, the performance is now related completely to your PC's autogen performance. Another benefit of this is the ability to reduce the level of lighting simply by using your autogen density sliders.
Transition day to night with FTX Night active - Belfast:

See the actual forum thread for more - click here


Anonymous said...

Even in daytime, the night lighting isn't too noticeable for those that were complaining about it, just leave it on when you expect to be flying into the night.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I,was,flying in ftx recently and my 737 ngx had nav lights in th air behind aircraft any ideas

Unknown said...

That is a airplane issue

Unknown said...

That is a airplane issue

Dave B said...

Can you switch from day to night without restarting the sim?

John Venema said...

Yes you can, but you need to wait 10+ minutes and travel 30 miles before the lights come on as FSX/P3D caches get refreshed.

Anonymous said...

I have an issue when I set lights to day I get 23 24 fps YBBN YMML etc etc, thou lights are still set to day at night I get 15 16 fps. Please help I have a 17 920 at 4.2ghz with gtx480 oc is stable. I jut think that the day night switch is not working, yes I have also restarted sim when switching to check.

Mason Dominique said...

Airdailyx doesn't provide or post supports. Please look for answers on Orbx forum support topics !

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