Monday, May 20, 2013

Note from Mir:

[FS NEWS] "Thanks to everyone who made suggestions for our next airport. I read every response [including comments on ADX] and there will be some very careful decision making. We will formulate a final shortlist of airports, which will then be thrown up onto an official poll from which users can vote for our next project.  Expect the poll somewhere around the KIAD release, announced  here [on the FlightBeam Facebook page] and will take place on our official [FlightBeam] forums."

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Sid said...

Hope they throw in International (guess I mean non-US airports) into the mix. But the I guess there'd be no chance of getting a Flightbeam world hub of that type as the US votes would hijack it if presumably only 1 vote allowed. So maybe it would be better for Mir to first decide North-American or other Global for next release and only put up that type in a particular vote. A good alternative would be to have a North American list & a non-North American/non-European list (or in a region of his interest) and make it so that in order to be able to vote we would have to vote for 1 airport from each list, otherwise our vote simply wouldn't register. Or he could get some market research alone done alongside an American poll just by having a second poll which just includes non-American airports. The issue to consider is that polling doesn't always reflect what the wider community also wants and would buy. And if its US only, is it even worth polling, as its almost obvious KDEN (especially if done to the planned state) will win a "poll". Personally, Flightbeam is too good for me not to buy any airport it develops, wherever in the world it is (US or non_US). I really do need to start finding airports for PMDG 777 flights though. I know, there'll be a myriad of "keep your focus on the US only/my home airport" type posts to follow...fair enough to those guys...but it depends if what's desired for the long-term I guess. Anyway, the time for requests is over...we've all made ours earlier and Mir has listened to ALL of us (loudest repeaters to quietest one-time posters). Good on him! Can't give him enough credit for that so its over to Flightbeam now folks to decide how to proceed with the voting from here and the very best of luck to Flightbeam with that! Thanks for all the great work to date and can't wait for Dulles and my PMDG 777 so they can unite in starting and ending some great long-haul flights. They are literally my 2 most wanted and anticipated right now. Looking forward to the night shots...then we'll know we're close for KIAD. Cheers and good luck to all once again!

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