Monday, May 20, 2013

So you want to go to Almaty?

FSX/P3D. We'll I suppose soon you will soon. AzuraFiles has just uploaded the latest screenshots and the renders look quite impressive. The enclosed shot shows the glass window renfers, however, the terminal will be completely composed of photoreal textures. And if I did not mention before, AeroFiles, is now AzuraFiles.

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Anonymous said...

AS I'm a cargo pilot I'm appreciating that Almaty is in the works. But I'll be waiting for the first reviews before I'll buy. Their Billund was one of the heaviest frame rate eaters I've ever had. Hopefully this one will be better.

Azurafiles said...

Hello to the guy above :)

Yes it is true that our Billund scenery did eat frames, but if you tried our Vagar Airport scenery you will notice great frames and performance.

This is a new way of making 3D thata friend of mine told me about.

Almaty will use the same technique as Vagar Airport which ensures great frames ;)

I have 30 to 40 frames with Vagar Airport.
Almaty is a bit bigger than Vagar, but I am sure I will be able to keep the frames at least on 30.

That is well over 10 more frames compared to Billund Airport.
That is only on my computer.
Yours might be better and you gain better frames.

I have a medium or medium high flight sim computer.

The reason for the Billund frames being rather bad was a light effect and some parts of the 3d model.

Billund will be updated to better frames later.

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