Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Developer Rant.

[DEVELOPER RANT] Just came across this statement from Bill Ortis of Lionheart Creations. He has canceled a current project as a result of a high license cost that is not even passed on to the original aircraft manufacturer and in my opinion, he has a very valid point. I do understand when FS developers wish to do the right thing by getting a proper license prior to starting a project, but I also understand why some developers do not bother in the first place....

Statement from Bill:

"Well, I made a discovery today. A company that runs/manages alot of companies such as Bell, Cessna and Lockheed Martin claim rights to charge small businesses what they wish or require in order to fund their businesses requirements to 'license' us to make things that use these corporations aircraft. What these means essentially is that we pay a small company ALOT of money for free advertising... We... And they make money. And... I dont think the corporations that actually make the aircraft will recieve any royalties.

Is that fair to anyone? Us, the companies that make the planes and helos? you who have to pay an extra amount to support such firms?

I turned this company down and cancelled the project. What an awesome plane this would have been. So much corruption on the world these days..."


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Anonymous said...

Duhhhhh....welcome to the real world Bill...this is nothing new, it's been around since God created lawyers so why would you think you're immune ???

Anonymous said...

Funny how this comes on the heels of yesterday's rant about piracy, except today the shoe is on the other foot.

Copyright law is out of control and has been so for quite a while. In this case, it is stifling creativity and the creation of new works.

Aircraft modeling companies have not been able to work in the U.S. for years because of this problem, and models are generally made outside of the U.S. for just this reason.

Developers need to realize that these laws do not benefit them because they cannot afford the costs of litigating these issues. The only ones who seem to benefit are the big boys like Sony and Disney.

Mark Smith said...

This is great. Yesterdays piracy rant was from me, Mark Smith. First off, I am not nor never been a developer. I have never been a BETA tester. I have not in any way promoted any developer or product for the sole gains of profit. So why did I rant? Well lets just say that instead of everyone blaming the devolpers for the RANT, lets look the piracy issue from the true point. The person or persons who steal another persons hard work is the issue. Period.Do not give me that no actual developer lost any money due the the person would never have bought it.It is still stealing.No more excuses. As for the developers rant, he is the one making the decisions to stop making a product due to the REAL company in which his product is modeled from making stupid high demands for profit. However that is their right of the company to limit reproductions of their product. Period. Just do not complain about the cost of simming, because of the extra factors such as licensing come up. At least we can say that the developer in question has the morals to ask for permission before using someone else s product or name for profit.
Not sure why the developer deserves be trashed for doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree copyright law is out of hand, and to be honest we are all guilty of copyright infringement at some point and also Piracy, wether it be a single MP3 track or a quick movie, but to be honest if it wasn't for piracy I would have not purchased certain products, even the demos hold back on things that have not been cured yet, but on the other hand if I downloaded it and I thought it was worth it, and it worked with my system I then bought the said Item, and for the others deleted and and disposed of.
This way saves myself from purchasing items that either dont work with my system and I struggle to get money back from where I purchased it from. I will allways purchase the Items I love and enjoy, knowing the fact there is a good product and a backup to go with it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice justification (to yourself) for stealing. That is what you are doing ... pure and simple. One can't be a part pirate/thief, just a pirate/thief. You are 'joyriding' software.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I have a lot of bought addons I do not use after realising that it did not do what is said on the box. Given that I can send back real goods for a refund here where I live within 2 weeks, no questions asked as long as it is still in pristine, out of the box condition, but cannot do this generally with purchased downloaded software, it does not surprise me in the slightest that many "try out" addons using this method. If it proves to be good, then it would be purchased, if not, then it would be removed. If anything, this method may actually improve sales. There are a few addon developers that offer demos, Ant, FSDT... Flight1 has its wrapper money-back system. I have used the F1 wrapper a few times.
I am sure I may have spent my money a lot more wisely and would have a slightly different set up, having spent less on payware addons that have proved to suck BIG time...
I must say that I do not use this method myself. I can fully understand those who do and I fully condemn those who rip software and never purchase it, even when they determine it to be good.
I would like to see more developers offering full demos of their products, maybe in a time-limited fashion like FSDT. I am sure that more business in the long term would be done as developers are motivated to produce good quality addons that sell on merit and not on excellent marketing or overly tweaked screenshots or videography.

Anonymous said...

Anon I suppose you yourself are an angel from above and has done nothing wrong in there life. To say that I steal, is maybe correct but we all steal and infringe copyright, even recording normal tv programs is a copyright issue, so dont give me that angel eyes look, its just a process that gives me what I want without a justice system and purchase items that are well developed and processed to a point where I dont have to patch day after day just to cure a problem that should have been fixed before release, and no I am a firm believer that wait until the final release and released without issue, and please your not the almighty, you at some point in your life has either broken the law or an infringement so dont point the finger..I myself have purchased addons and aircraft because they work without issue, this is because the developer has done there job and I salute them for this. This Means its a finished product and not an ongoing one..I feel sorry for the pressure on these guys who ever they are this is a hobby and a great one at that but if the small person is getting hurt by the bully in the playground then something has to be done about it. This site has and allways been unbias, I have been a reader over many sites and this one seems to say what others dare not to, again I salute this site for putting it out there.

DAndre Newman said...

So if you use a DVR or Tivo are you breaking the law?

Anonymous said...

It really depends on where you live and what copyright laws are out there, but you will have to look up the law in your country, they can be different.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you for stealing, loser pirate. ADX should monitor these clowns and ban them from participating in this forum. Low-life thief.

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