Tuesday, May 7, 2013

AirDailyX First Look - Orbx Broome (YBRM)!

FSX/P3D. After much anticipation, finally, our first look at Orbx Broome International Airport (YBRM). Let me get straight to the point by saying this, in my opinion this may be the highest quality airport ever released by Orbx... As Orbx continues to grow, I have become increasingly aware of who is actually developing a new product as not all Orbx airports are created equal. See inside for more.

Broome was developed by Jarrad Marshall, a long time favourite of mine. His Spokane Felts release was my personal number one rated Orbx airport, until now… One thing before we get started, there has been some criticism regarding our objectivity due to the fact that developers often provide media copies of newly released products. Although we are always objective regardless, we actually purchased Broome with our own hard earned money, so yes, my enthusiasm is legit and not driven by other motives.

Let’s start off with performance and blurries as this was a concern of many in our preview posts. Performance is very good, perhaps slightly better than Felts which was already excellent given the detail and surrounding area. I had no problems maintaining 30FPS with my normal general aviation aircraft and did not experience stutters - everything was smooth and enjoyable. Blurries were nonexistent and I did not experience any texture “flashing” as I have noted in several UK releases. For the advanced aircraft performance benchmark I decided to use the PMDG Jetstream 41, perhaps the most demanding aircraft in my hanger. Even using the PMDG I was able to maintain 30FPS for the majority of my flying…even at maximum FSX and Orbx control panel settings. This is truly an accomplishment, what this also means is that more friendly advanced aircraft such as the Majestic Dash will be no problem whatsoever. As usual, I have left the FPS counter displayed in several shots to reinforce performance.

Visually the airport is stunning and true to life. Everything from building textures to ground polygon quality is excellent. Even the numerous static general aviation and commercial aircraft look great. The terminal is very impressive with sufficient airside peopleflow activity and even the odd butterfly (I think that’s what it was). Further, plenty of peopleflow activity is visible in the general aviation area in the form of mechanics, sweepers, etc. The only slight anomaly that I noted was evident during approach to runway 28. The VASI indicators almost appear to be cut in half by the taxiway, very hard to describe. In a sense, the VASI indicator is visible both below and above the taxiway and do not come together until short final, that’s my best shot at describing it… The control panel allows the usual items to be adjusted such as grass density, peopleflow, creatureflow, etc. Approach is beautiful from both directions over the tropical turquoise water. Overall, this is perhaps the most immersive airport I have ever seen from Orbx.

The surrounding city is done well and feels realistic with lots of custom autogen. Moreover, there is a cruise ship and cargo vessel at the dock with some static leisure craft scattered throughout. The photo scenery ground surrounding the airport generally looks good except from very close up…as is to be expected of course. Blending is done well when compared to Google Earth.

Night lighting is excellent and on par with the best out there, not too bright but bright enough. I didn’t notice any significant performance impact at night which I have experienced in some other sceneries.

So I could go on and on but I won’t. As usual, I will try to let the screen captures do the talking. This scenery is brilliant and I love it. Broome is without a doubt my new favourite Orbx scenery. The only pity really is that there are no other custom Orbx airports nearby which means general aviation pilots will have quite a journey to the next detailed airport. Anyways, is this scenery good, damn right it is!

Now, some screen captures.


For more information see the developers dedicated product page - click here


Misha Cajic said...

Very impressive, hats off to Jarrad!

Anonymous said...

Am I going mad or is this not actually released yet? On the Full Terrain website it is still listed as "soon" - let me know if there is somewhere I can get this as looks really good!

Mason Dominique said...

Yes it is released. They just forgot to update the product page.
Check here:

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