Tuesday, May 7, 2013

All the roads lead to Broome...

FSX/P3D. Well... almost. Airdailyx will post shots and review on Orbx Broome YBRM very shortly but in the meantime, i was wondering who's this new airport for ? For long haulers and...

... and simmers who can bear a 2 hours flight or more. Most of the interesting destinations in Australia are, at least, 1 600 nautical miles from Broome. Same distance with Singapour. Jarrad Marshall's work is wonderful, so i started to look for the nearest interesting points.
I found Alice Springs YBAS, Cunderdin YCUN (Orbx freeware) and BDO Aviation Surabaya Juandar WARR airport, released a few months ago.

A rather recent scenery (released in December 2011) and the nearest airport to Broome.

 Suarabaya Juanda Intl WARR (BDO Aviation)
A really interesting work from Indonesian BDO team. Much than decent. No bugs. Ground textures in high resolution, rather complex terminal with many details.

Cunderdin YCUN (Orbx Freeware)
Orbx never has never developed Perth airport (not yet ?), so this ex-WW2 RAAF base will do it, more or less, since it has a long runway for liners.

More resources :  
Official website. You will find the weekly schedules. 

Airdailyx, May 2013


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