Monday, May 13, 2013

Carenado TBM850..."Almost Done"

FSX/P3D. Carenado has posted several more preview shots of their upcoming TBM850! Perhaps even more importantly, the picture heading states "CARENADO TBM 850 FSX ALMOST DONE!" with the caption "Coming very Soon". Looks great to me, D'Andre must be getting pumped... See the latest screenshots inside.


See the developers Facebook page - click here


Anonymous said...

This release can't come fast enough for me. I soo want this airplane!!!

Anonymous said...

This bird would be interesting if it was old steam gauge cockpit.

Unknown said...

I hate to be "one of those people", but have they announced anything on how it impacts frame rates? As it looks absolutely stunning, but I don't want to buy it and be unable to fly it at more than 4 fps..


Mason Dominique said...

Totally agree with you.
And the PA46 Malibu (similar to this one) was disappointing on this point. I have flown it a few hours and gave it up for the Skymaster.

Anonymous said...

Their SR22 GTS-X is the only aircraft I notice any noticeable framerate hit/performance lag on my system. Even then it's tolerable but definitely not seamless as say RealAir's Lancair Legacy or much less - any default FSX aircraft.

I'm confident my system will be able to stomach this TBM850 - even if I have to adjust some sliders (but not likely).

DAndre Newman said...

Thats the TBM700

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