Monday, May 13, 2013

FS Global Real Weather - Major Update!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Following multiple smaller build updates, FS Global Real Weather is preparing to release a major update on May 19, 2013. There are two particularly significant features in the upcoming version. First, the program will include local weather phenomena at several locations, for example, Foehn weather will be simulated at Innsbruck and special wind conditions at Madeira. Further, the developer is currently taking requests for other locations with special conditions. Next, FS2004 compatibility! See the official statements inside.

The two applicable statements as posted in the news section of the developers product website:
V1.7 will also include local weather phaenomena.As a "first" in the history of FS weather tools, the release of V1.7 will also include some of many coming local weather phaenomena. You will find realistic conditions 1) during Foehn weather in Innsbruck (LOWI, AUT), 2) at certain wind conditions when approaching Madeira (LPMA, PT) and 3) Vagar (EKVG, DK). Feel free to email requests!
Release of V1.7 set for May 19th.It will contain FS2004 support and Autostart capabilities with command line arguments. Thus you will be able to experience FS Global Real Weather in FS2004 as well, as you already can in FSX and Prepar3D.

Quick screenshot from FS2004:

See the news section of the developers website - click here

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Anonymous said...

These guys are SERIOUS players now. LOCAL weather indeed.

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