Saturday, April 20, 2013

Statement from TropicalSim - RE: Pricing Policy

[Statement] TropicalSim has released an official statement regarding their new pricing policy. In essence, the developer will no longer be offering temporary promotions but has chosen to reduce pricing across the board on a permanent basis - good news! Further, TropicalSim is now offering volume discounts for multiple product purchases. See inside for the official statement.

Official statement from TropicalSim:
 For our loyal users.

Tropicalsim has been offering special promos and discounts for almost a year from now, in some kind of regular schedule, generally at each month's end, as we got a very nice response from you to this kind of approach from the beginning.
For all this time, we've been listening your feedback and suggestions very carefully. Many of you had contacted us. In fact, too many of you to be precise. Your ideas were seriously evaluated and considered here in order to make us still offer the best we can to you.
This is the result of all this.
From now on, Tropicalsim will be offering no more of this special promos that lasts only a few days every single month.
Instead, we have decided to lower the prices of all our products in a solid and permanent way. Yes, this is true!
All Tropicalsim airports are between 25% and 30% cheaper on average. The new values are already effective at Simmarket as you are reading this statement.
Prices were not just reduced. We've aligned our airports into four main price categories, regarding their size/type to make all the search/order process easier, fairer and faster.
Another measure we have taken: those special closed bundles we used to offer (15 Caribbean Airports, 13 European Airports, 32 FSX Airports, ABC Islands among others) are gone.

On their place you will be able to mount your own special packs enjoying progressive discounts as you do so. Choose the airports you want, and each one added ensures a higher discount to your final order price.
This is what we, at Tropicalsim, are doing. Listening to our users, making your wishes come true and letting you satisfied, the best way we can.
We are serving you all for 10 years, and we intend to serve even better the next 10.
Have nice flights!
Visit the developers website - click here


Anonymous said...

Any news about Azores project?

Anonymous said...

Anyone from ADX Staff can reply this?

Mark Hrycenko said...

I will try to get an update for you, hang tight.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mark :D

Mark Hrycenko said...

Please see below link for the status update:

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