Saturday, April 20, 2013

REX Essential Plus and Overdrive update!

FSX/P3D. Real Environment Extreme has just released service pack 1 for the Essential Plus and Overdrive product line. This latest update release includes many improvements, fixes and, additions. Check out what's new here, then go get it!

Improved - Winds aloft data, especially southern hemisphere.
Improved - Weather station accuracy in WXPLUS mode.
Improved - Archived weather from REX EDGE servers.
Improved - Severe wind shifts during transitions with WXPLUS mode.
Improved - Added code to read Flight Mode or Dialog mode status of FSX/P3D before injecting weather in both Standard and WXPLUS weather modes.
Improved - Better handling of visibility below 1 SM.
Improved - Sped up weather process assembling in WXPLUS mode.
Improved - Adjustments to back-end database servers for better handling of archive weather processing.
Improved - “Download Center” button to menu bar and removed from the Textures area.
Improved - Process of transitioning cloud and visibility smoothing in WXPLUS mode.
Improved - Flight plans are now saved in the users FLIGHT SIM X Document folder.
Improved - Download time of weather from data servers.
Improved - Now receiving 100+ knots winds in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere.

Fixed - Un-selecting the visibility smoothing does not uncheck the wind smoothing feature.
Fixed - Prepar3D header banner not showing if user has P3D activated.
Fixed - Accurate pressure readings.
Fixed - 24-hour METAR data for current weather.
Fixed - White screen on WASys in regards to computer regional settings.
Fixed - Disposed timer setting at close of Weather Engine.
Fixed - Archive weather settings and required date to be selected before saving.
Fixed - Database server structure for correct archive weather data.
Fixed - checkLocation error message from error logs.
Fixed - Disable option button if internet is not detected on user’s machine.
Fixed - Random weather mode now works when no internet connection is detected.
Fixed - Javascripting errors on WASYS tool. Dependent on the IE version installed.

Added - Various adjustments to the Micro and Synoptic weather station load features for more accurate visibility handling.
Added - New wind smoothing algorithm to handle wind direction smoothing during loading.
Added - FAOR, FALE, VTBS to database.

Expanded - Weather area of WXPLUS weather theme mode.
Removed - Green bar showing injection during WXPLUS mode loading.
Changed - “Create a Flight Plan” button to “Import or Create a Flight Plan”.
Moved - "Import Flight Plan" button within the Flight Center area.
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Opus still being better ?

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Not any more!

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