Friday, March 8, 2013

Real Environment Extreme - Screenshot Contest!

FSX. With the new IRIS PC-21 being released and the 50% off sale on REX Latitude promo, both IRIS and REX have teamed up to bring the screenshot contest alive!
Have a look at the guidelines and prizes.

Directly from the REX news release:

1. A copy of the New Iris PC-21 (If you pre-ordered the PC-21 you can choose an Iris aircraft of your choice)
2. Download copy of REX Latitude
3. REX Essentials Plus / OD (DVD)
4. And one more prize (TBD)

RULES:1. Only one screenshot per person. (So make it Good)
2. No editing. ("V Key" converted to jpeg and post.)
3. The background in the shot must contain REX textures. (Clouds, Water, Sky Theme, ETC. one or all)
4. Shot must contain an Iris aircraft.
5. You must be a VERIFIED member of the REX forum.

If you do not own an Iris aircraft don't worry I will post a link to 22 Iris freeware aircraft some for FS9 and for FSX download one or all they are free but you must use one of them for your shot. So go get an Iris aircraft if you don't own one, start flying, and hitting that 'V Key"

If you didn't get a chance to buy the PC-21 from IRIS, I would highly recommend checking out this great opportunity! Both REX and IRIS are fantastic products and no better way to get the community together and have some fun!

You can check out their facebook here:!/pages/Real-Environment-Xtreme/132749940144561

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