Friday, March 8, 2013

Carenado - New Project! (CT206H Stationair)

FSX. Carenado has released some preview screenshots of their newest project, The Cessna Turbo 206H Stationair! This is one of my favorite General Aviation aircraft. I have worked on the 206 before and let me tell you that this aircraft sure is a workhorse! The amount of cargo we put in one of these aircraft was impressive for it's size. Landing on the gravel strips of remote communities in northern Canada is no problem for this airplane! The turbocharged engine gives it more power so the short field takeoff abilities are increased. Boy, this brings back memories!

The recent modeling Carenado has done is superb! I was never a huge fan of GA within FSX but now, I think I just got hooked! Thanks to the gents over at Carenado for making this awesome aircraft for the FS platform. It should go nicely in Orbx areas and remote locations just like the real world counterpart! Take a look at this beauty! Amazing isn't she?

Please check out Carenado's facebook page:!/Carenado

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Happy Flying!


Anonymous said...

is it glass or steam gauges? my system cant handle the G1000

Tino Sottile said...

It would be steam. I dont think they made a G100 version out of factory. (Iv'e personally never seen any). There may be private owners that upgrade the panel. Personally I love steam!

Anonymous said...

If its got steam gauges, its an instant buy!

Anonymous said...

@Carenado - if you're listening - make it "steam" - don't spoil this plane with amateur version of G1000 !

@Tino Sottile

too bad that G1000 is factory option for Cessna 206 for a few years now

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