Wednesday, March 20, 2013

RAZBAM - Harier GR.7/GR.9 released!

FSX. We have been following developments a bit lightly from Razbam. Honestly, the quality is nearly quite up to par with MilViz. Today they just released their latest project: the Harier GR.7/GR.9. There is also a nice video with this baby in action! And yes, she has fully operational vectorial thrust! We are going to start following them a bit more closely in the future. Have a look!

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Anonymous said...

What about the FDE does it still do pirouettes & rolls, stationary in the middle of the sky?

DAndre Newman said...

I see you did not click that video link i provided... :)

Anonymous said...

And how does that video answer my question? :)

DAndre Newman said...

I'm sorry, stationary rolling?? I think I misunderstood your question.

Perhaps you should ask the developer.

Anonymous said...

This product was released at the end of January. Yesterday was the release of an update.

It's nice to see the British Harrier getting some love for once, and the Razbam Harrier is definitely the best one available for FSX. It's still fundamentally limited by FSX not supporting vectored thrust flight dynamics, so there's some trickery going on to make it fly like a Harrier (like all MSFS Harriers) and it's not totally convincing.

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