Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Orbx FTX SAK Finished Beta Process!

FSX/P3D. Well, we know that FTX SAK is finished the beta process, we also know the package will include enhanced Skagway and Carcross sceneries. Further, there will be a payware Juneau Airport (PAJN) due at the end of May. Obviously, release is very near... See inside for the latest project screenshots as well as the quote regarding beta completion.

Here is the specific quote regarding beta completion per Tim Harris of Orbx:
"The beta stage has finished"

Next, the latest screenshots:


More screenshots on the two most recent preview threads.

Recent preview thread no.1 - click here

Recent preview thread no.2 - click here


Anonymous said...

I love how quickly ORBX turns out new sceneries/add-ons...and high end quality sceneries/add-ons to boot! There are no lonnnnngggggggg waits with ORBX. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

A Must Read:
Perhaps Airdaily could look into this further for us!!!!

Just noticed an issue with FTX Orbx Products perhaps. As this applies "THIS TIME TO EU ENGLAND" what's to say this won't effect this region also. written by Gary Summons, Administrator his "Quote" from his UK2000 Leeds about to come out.

" There is bug in the FTX product that prevents any FSX animated Jetway appearing at Leeds.
This a problem, as Stand 8 is a FSX animated Jetway.

FSX Jetways are different from all other objects in FSX, normally when you use an exclude file, only objects in a lower scenery layer is effected by that exclude. But Jetways are excluded regardless and layers. So to make FSX animated Jetways appear, there must not be any exclude in any layer for that Jetway location.

This problem is caused by Orbx making massive horizontal exclude file across England. There are some holes in this exclude for big airports so those Jetway are kept, but they did not leave a hole for Leeds airport.

Now I can alter their file and make it work, but it's copyrighted so I cant upload it.
At the moment your chooses are."

If you want your choices you'll have to check out his forum!

My point is this, if FTX is going to use massive Exclude area's what's Dev's gonna do when designing airports requiring animated jetways.

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