Friday, March 1, 2013

Angle Of Attack Training!

FSX. With the PMDG 777 around the corner, Angle of Attack has started development on their training materials for the PMDG 777.For those of you who want the most out of your PMDG aircraft, Angle of Attack is a fantastic product to add to your training. The in depth training brings you from not knowing anything about the aircraft to bring fully immersed and a confident Pilot.

I had great results with the 747 training. Everything is hosted on their website, so there is no need to download a single video. You login, sit back, and watch! I didn’t have any clue on how to operate the 747. I can tell you now that I feel more confident than ever. It has even brought more out of the product in terms of systems and procedures that I never would have known about. Chris and his team over at Angle of Attack have done a wonderful job!

They are now letting users choose the next tutorial flights for the 777. Short – Medium haul, Long haul and Ultra long haul. You can vote here on their website:

I am truly excited for this one. I couldn’t recommend a better training program for us FS pilots. (Other than the real world counterpart). Be sure to check out more on their facebook and website. They offer many different type of products ranging from 767,737,747,MD-11, Aviator 90, Aviator Pro, JetSet and of course the upcoming 777!

Be prepared to get the most out of your aircraft!

As always,

Happy Flying!

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