Friday, March 1, 2013

Citation Mustang Update Released

FSX. Flight One has released an update (ver.1.8) to their highly popular Citation Mustang. Version 1.8 includes Windows 8 compatibility and several other fixes. Read the full announcement inside.

Flight One announcement as posted to their Facebook page:


Our Cessna Citation Mustang has now been updated to Version 1.8. The update includes:

- Windows 8 Compatiblity

- Revised to accept optional NavDataPro data. The Cessna Citation Mustang can now use either Navigraph or NavDataPro databases...

- Approach Selection Bug

- Other Minor Fixes

It is recommended that you uninstall the previous version of the software before doing a full install of the latest version. You can find the new version at the Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang Product page.

CD Users will be provided the patch on a per request basis in our ticket system, for more info click the link below:


Anonymous said...

"CD Users will be provided the patch on a per request basis in our ticket system, for more info click the link below:"

Unbelievable how the box customer is treated here. Now I have to personally contact them to get a small update. That is exactly the reason why I stopped buying from this publisher.

Anonymous said...

what are you on about u fool! what would you rather they said bugger all about it?...atleast they are letting people know there is an update...aww didums...u have to download a few MB' wot, get over it man.
I suppose u want them to hand deliver the update on a USB3 stick?....

You have developers that release v1.0 and walk away from it never to touch it again....then you have developers who update stuff....and you still want to kick them in the teeth..get a grip my friend..

Anonymous said...

"what are you on about u fool!"

Is that how you treat people also in real life. I clearly pointed out what my concern is that the boxed customer is treated differently than the download customer. As a customer I want to register my product to ensure it is a legal copy and then download my update. No messing around with ticket systems. It is a opinion so what is the problem.

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