Thursday, February 14, 2013

WarsawX. New images!

FS9/FSX/P3D. I was totally devastated a few years back when the Drzewiecki Warszawa-Okęcie project was lost due to a hard drive failure. Well now we are very happy that the team has returned to EPWA now known as Warsaw Chopin. the project will fill the gap in their Warsaw City 2013 product as well. It will include all standard features - all airport buildings, night/season textures, high quality aerial ground images etc. As we have shown previously, we have only the tower previews but that will change soon so stay tuned!

Formerly Warsaw-Okecie Airport (Port lotniczy Warszawa-Okęcie) or Okecie International Airport, the airport bore the name of its Okęcie neighborhood throughout its history, until its renaming for Polish composer and former Warsaw resident Frédéric Chopin in 2001. Despite the official change, "Okecie" ("Lotnisko Okęcie") remains in popular and industry use, including air traffic and aerodrome references. 

The airport exists since 1934. The airport has two intersecting runways, whose configuration and available taxiways under current rules permit 34 passenger operations (takeoffs or landings) per hour. Passenger traffic at Warsaw Chopin Airport has increased dramatically since the fall of communism in Poland and the removal of restrictions on Polish citizens' travel abroad. For example, in 1994, five years after Poland's first free post-war elections in 1989, Warsaw's airport served 2,198,008 passengers, however, by 2008, just 14 years later the airport served over four times as many passengers, with a total of 9,460,606; this represents a percentage increase in annual passenger flow of around 430.4%. Warsaw Chopin Airport was the 42nd busiest airport in Europe in 2012.

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