Thursday, February 14, 2013

Response from FSDG regarding Deutschland X

As promised earlier, we were in contact with FSDG in regards to the issues prompting Aerosoft's decision to pull the Deutschland X product from the Aerosoft online shop. We all are very well aware of the high level of quality and talent the team has brought to the table with past releases including 29Palms. Here is what the team had to say about the product and what they are doing:

'' Our most recent add-on, DEX, has faced some obvious problems. A lot of those had to do with the product's installation and compatibility with 3rd party add-ons, while other areas just required additional improvement. However, with DEX, we are able to deliver the most accurate vector data for Germany, and the most impressive library of German landmarks to date. It has great potential, and we are therefore considering all possible options by which we can upgrade it. More news on that will follow later.

As for FSDG airport design, nothing has changed, all of our currents projects are 'on schedule'.

We have some very exciting news and some interesting previews to show you very soon.

FSDG team

We will continue to follow up with FSDG on their progress. We are confident the team will continue to work on the product and compatibility for future release. Thanks very much to the team for the prompt response!

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