Sunday, February 17, 2013

QualityWings BAE the latest.

FS9/FSX/P3D. It very likely might be the last commercial jet to be made for FS9. It's far behind schedule and as for the release date... It'll be ready when it's ready... In the mean time, the development previews have been too few and far in between. Today, is one of those few moments. Have a look at the latest of the QW BAE-146.

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Anonymous said...

hard to be motivated or enthused to complete a package you have already received payment for.....I'm just saying

Anonymous said...

Agreed! I'm still waiting for the DA Fokker 70/100 virtual cockpit I paid for....It must be due out any day now :)

Anonymous said...

Letting the Avro RJ customers get the free BAe-146 is a bit of a dumb commercial move by QWings, even PMDG charges for the 737-600/-700 and that's like 90% similar.

It's bad for the customers as well, as the devs might not be totally dedicated in finishing the product. I'd rather pay extra for a product right now than to having to wait for something free which might never be finished or takes forever to develop.

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