Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Performance addressed!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Just a note folks, most major developers follow AirDailyX and they do read and take note of the concerns our readers express here. The most recent example was regarding the Orbx Cardiff scenery and it's ground textures now being enhanced. Now, as we all are aware and excited about Drzewiecki's New York Airports and Manhattan X sceneries, there has been major concerns regarding the overall performance. Well today, CEO Stanislaw Drzewiecki responds to your concerns and gives us more previews too! Here's what he said...

Stanislaw Drzewiecki:

"Good evening! We are getting a lot of questions regarding expected performance of the scenery - FPS, OOMs, CTDs etc. It is obvious that the scenery will be demanding since it will include a lot of 3D objects. It would be stupid to deny this. What I wan't to say is that we always keep this in mind and all our customers know, that scenery performance is something we take care about very much. We got just a few separate reports of repeated CTD issues in our sceneries and even though, usually these problems were not referred directly to our products. And actually all of them were about FS2004, not FSX/P3D (they offer more optimization tools).
As in all our previous products, we will try to optimize the whole design as much as we can as well as leave some possible configuration options to our customers. But please also keep in mind, that many FS related problems are about hardware, not software. From my home cockpit experience I can suggest you a few things: 

1. Never use your PC(s) at their maximum performance. This cause a lot of problems, including heat, graphic and finally CTD or even restart issues. Even after a few-hour flight your PC should have some performance reserve. If you use some software working parallely to FS (ActiveSky, all VATSIM software, all cockpit gauges if you have a cockpit) it is highly recommended to use all that software on an another PC, so for cockpit builders 2 PCs is a minimum to achieve a stable setup. Forget about doing that on one PC. 

2. High temperature of components of your PC will kill it during a longer flight. Good ventilation is really very important - probably much more than one might think. You might (should) consider a water cooling or even installing air condition in the room where your PCs run. I am telling this from my own experience, as I was finally able to manage a stable setup in both FS2004 (B738) and FSX (BE60) with at least 2 PCs runing during a flight, thanks to water cooling and an air conditioning.

3. Even if you manage to achieve point 1 and 2, things will change over time. After 3-4 years of flying your PCs will be unrecognizable if talking about performance. There are a few things you can do about that - the best would be to format all hard drives and reinstall the whole system and FS + clean all your PC vents and generally interior. Dirty PC just works much worse. Remember what I wrote about air conditioning? It also filters the air and helps keeping your setup clean. For example - my 4yo 4GHz 24-RAM and 2GB crossfire graphics PC is performing even worse than a 1yo 2.2GHz laptop (FSX). I did not make any research about that - this is just the way it is.
4. So... you've done points 1, 2 and 3 and want to show off your amazing setup during your girlfriend's visit? Don't worry - your setup will crash anyway during a flight. This fact is confirmed by almost all home cockpit builders! I even heard that professional sims do this too!

BTW, shadows you see on these buildings are already placed at textures, they are not from a rendering engine. So the FS version will look just the same."

Thanks much to Stan! For the full statement and more information and previews visit this link:
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Anonymous said...

sounds like OOM galore over NYC then. none of that is very reassuring.

Anonymous said...

The only problem I have with Drizewiecki sceneries are the bad night lighting ground textures of Miami X. Although the scenery itself is very nice especially during daytime the "overexagerated bright textures" spoil the night experience. A bright night texture always looks flat and fake and creates no illusion of depths. Same big problem always with Flytampa and their airport surroundings. And the textures don't work well with the generic FSX or GEX textures. They should offer an installer option to deactivate their night textures as GEX,UTX and Experience X night lighting looks much better. Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Well, those are the photoreal textures, so I guess the ground simply looks like this in large cities. You might check real world pictures.

BTW, please consider, that in most cases, night textures are not available at all.

Anonymous said...

I'll second the first commenter, it does not sound reassuring. We are talking about the New York tri-state area.

Anonymous said...

There is a huge difference in quality of creating night textures for photoreal scenery. Just compare Megascenery Socal, Phoenix, Dallas or every photoreal Orbx scenery. The developers recolor the textures and tend to "overexagerate the amount of light" to compensate for the missing night textures of their buildings. The bad sideeffect is a cartoonish look and a scenery that is not very usable any more for realistic night flying.

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