Wednesday, February 27, 2013

*** News of the world ***

[FS Market]. Many screenshots taken from different editors today. Wilco Pub / Orbx / France VFR / Flyaoamedia.

Wilco Publishing is back
The editor is offering you a new Guess and Win. Here is a the official tip :
 * * * * *
France VFR unveils Photo range Champagne - Ardennes.
You know the french Champagne ?
It's produced right there in this northern-eastern region of France,
right besides Lorraine, another Photo scenery in progress.
More screenshots :
* * * * *
Orbx, John Venema himself, the CEO, has posted three more shots of FTX South Alaska.
The news ? The project will start the beta stage next week. Here are some Juneau surroundings.
* * * * *
And finally, we are pleased to inform your that Jeroe (alias Jerdoo) has joined

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Anonymous said...

What's up with Tropicalsim? haven't seen them release anything interesting since DCA. What's going on ?

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