Sunday, February 10, 2013

Orbx Shoreham : our own screenshots

FSX/P3D. Hmm. After Chichester and Stapleford, thinks are getting crescendo. And with all my respects to the developers of the first British airfields, this one is a larger piece. Brighton, Shoreham, the harbor, many details... including this fantastic motoway in the north east of the airfield, with all its access lanes and traffic.
But enough of these airport shots. You already have seen many from Orbx. Let's change perspective.

Our own screenshots / Orbx Shoreham EGKA for FTX EU England




 Orbx !


















Boundaries of Shoreham scenery. EU England defaut is on the right.

Boundaries of Shoreham. EU England defaut scenery limit is on the left.

Airdailyx, February 2013


Anonymous said...

Thanks dom. Always good to see what the scenery REALLY looks like. Not bad at all in this case.

Anonymous said...

A real shame the autogen only works if you have the FTX region, not everyone wants to have to buy that. Another sale Orbx miss out on...

Mason Dominique said...


Did you notice the great price update applied on many FTX scenery packages lately ?

Anonymous said...

These screen shots probably make it seem that Orbx edits their pics, but that's what the ENB mod does for the sim. And also choosing the time of day and weather. My screens look the same as theirs, except I don't enable FSX bloom.

Anonymous said...

People think Orbx 'edit' their screenshots; they don't. They are just using ENBSeries, FSWC and REX - probably the most common must-have addons for FSX. Anyone who complains that their screenshots are edited simply does not know what they are talking about. I base my purchase decision on their screenshots, not crappy customer shots which are bland and lifeless. Because I use the same three addons for my sim setup I know exactly what I am getting.

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