Sunday, February 10, 2013

A quick introduction!

Just wanted to take a moment to introduce a couple of gentlemen that will be joining us at AirDailyX. Tino Scottile and Mark Hrycenko. They both will come on shortly and introduce themselves. We happen to find them highly qualified and Dom and I both look forward to working with them both. There were some questions regarding Darryl. Darryl will still write some editorials for us in the future but due to his schedule, he is unable to join us on a daily biases. Please welcome Tino and Mark to ADX!

EDIT: We have selected our candidates and we again wish to thank all of you who contacted us over the past week. If you still have not heard from us, we do sincerely apologize and we will still contact you over the next coming days.  However, if any of you are still interested in writing reviews and editorials for ADX, please let us know! We would love to hear from you!


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Don't get all testy now!

Congrats to Tino and Mark... ADX is really growing!

matt said...

Hello Tino and Mark!

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