Sunday, February 10, 2013

Greetings Everyone!

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Tino. I'm currently residing in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Or some of you may know it as (CYVR).
You will be seeing a lot more of my posts in the near future. I have many great ideas and plans to bring forth and I am generally excited to share it with all of you. Now let me take a moment to give some insight on my background.

I was raised in a small community located in the Canadian arctic. Coming from such a remote place granted me the privilege to be introduced to aviation as a young child. The only possible way for my community to receive food/supplies and general amenities was via Air Freight. Just hearing the sound of those old piston pounders was enough to get me hooked! (And yes, the majority of those aircraft were Austin Airways or Buffalo Airways metal) ;)
I started flying with my uncle at 14 years old. Flying fisherman to the remote lakes of the north on the weekends. It was truly the best time of my life to be sitting in a Cessna with floats flying low and... well... somewhat fast? nonetheless, it was an experience I'll treasure for the rest of my life.
So you may be wondering, "Why don't you fly for a living?". Well the simple answer is; I keep my private flying for the weekends and my full time (IT) position for job security reasons. Not that I wouldn't love to fly for a living, it just isn't for me (As weird as that sounds). This brings me to my next point, Flight Sim!
Flight Sim has been a real passion for me as well. I believe that flight simulation gives a great chance for people to experience different aircraft or airports that not many (Including myself) get to see in real life. (For example, flying the Kai Tak approach in IMC conditions) If I don't have the time to head out flying or if the weather is bad on the weekends, I can hop on FSX and fly practically anywhere I want. Which is an experience within itself!
Seeing the development of the community over the years has been exciting to say the least. This goes for the products as well! I always get an urge to know what the next best product is for the market. I'm on top of the news everyday and always get excited to see something in development. When products do finally come out, I really get to the bare bones of it. I go in for the extreme details to see how well the product was made!
Being in the IT industry as a (Systems Analyst) for 8 years, I have a great deal of knowledge of hardware/software and other aspects that are too long to mention right now. I will tell you guys that my Posts/reviews in the future will not only show the pretty details of the product, but I will also show how the product rates on a performance level. I will give advice on performance tweaks and even give direction on hardware for the FS platform. I get my hands on a lot of hardware! So my testing is done on a weekly basis.
Well, I think that should be enough for now. I am really excited to get started and hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I will.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

As always,

happy flying!



Anonymous said...

Welcome Tino!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your contributions. I too am in Vancouver, with an IT backgroud. Love the Kai Tak approach, now just trying to get out of YVR with Orbx PNW, Vancouver 3, FSDT YVR, and a Captain Sim 737 (Canadian Northern) without an OOM, only made it once so far! So this will be your challenge, managing FSX scenery addons, and memory! When it all works it is magical, sometimes just doesn't last that long.

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