Sunday, February 10, 2013

More from 5S0!

FSX/P3D. Boy-oh-boy do I love flying around the PNW. In fact, it's where I spend 90% of my time when flying in FSX. Orbx has done an amazing job pioneering this region in FSX and subsequently inspired many developers to follow the trend of VFR flying. One project we have been following for some time is 5S0 Oakridge State by grand surf and I must say, it's the best non-Orbx VFR product I have ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

People are doing an amazing job recreating these airports, but someone has to get around to making an airport newar YVR for FSDreamteam YVR, OS Kelowna and even Jon Patch YYJ. It will be an OOM-prone, but still great area to fly into.

I'm saying airports near YVR like Abbotsford, Hope, Bellingham, Nanaimo, the list goes on and on. What do you all think? Good idea or bad?

Anonymous said...

Amazing textures - unfortunately it is a fictional airport.

Agree with the above post regarding airports close to YVR, but this one seems to be far enough away. Victoria, Kellowna and Hope are far enough away from YVR (I push the vm max with FSDT YVR and have Don Grovestine's Victoria (, with no issue there; as well as simaddons Kelowna, that is quite far away and no issue). Abbotsford would getting a bit too close, but have not tested, and Boundary Bay would put it over the top for sure. LOD is set to 4.5 for me.

René Dijkema said...

It started out as a fictional airport but when the project got more serious, Grandsurf decided to use the work he already had done for a similar real world airport, which 5S0 is :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh - thanks for the clarification!

Anonymous said...

When will it be released? :)

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