Thursday, February 14, 2013

Deutschland X: Aerosoft pulls plug.

FSX. In a statement released by Aerosoft today, the recently released and subsequently retracted product: Deutschland X by FSDG and 29Palms will not return to the Aerosoft shop siting concerns regarding many problems and inconsistencies with the product. Aerosoft is not offering refunds for the product but they are offering vouchers. Very interesting that Aerosoft is pulling the plug here given the fact there have been a few recent "crap" products released recently that should have also been pulled. As to why it's being pulled without support is beyond me. We will be seeking clarification from FSDG and 29Palms. Thanks to Damien for the tip. Full statement here:

Statement from Aerosoft:

"We have stopped the sale of Deutschland X as we encountered too many problems and inconsistencies which we had not seen in preparation of taking Deutschland X into our range of products.
The product as is, does not reflect our own standard of quality.
Customers who have already purchased Deutschland X will be offered a credit voucher.

An update or a modification lies at the discretion of the developer team.

We sincerely apologize to all the customers for the inconvenience."
In order to get one of these credit vouchers from Aerosoft: contact with Subject "DEX Refund" and your order number of DEX. 

Also see the below link for customer reported issues:

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Mason Dominique said...

I am still giving all my faith and confidence to FSDG and 29Palms. They are prooven designers (Heraklion, Djerba, Corfou, Mykonos to mention a few of their work).
Good news if they are back in airports projects but i understand their disappointment in this one.


DAndre Newman said...

I agree, but what's also interesting if you read the statement closely, it almost seems that Aerosoft is accusing the development teams of somehow misleading them.

Does Aerosoft not install and vet products before putting them up for sale in their shop?

I am also confident the dev team will sort out the issues.

romeocharlie said...

Sorry, but by not offering a cash refund, aerosoft are not playing fair, because they're effectively saying the disappointed buyer has to buy another product from them, rather than bring given the choice.

Poor show Aerosoft.

Anonymous said...

Aerosoft does not beta test products before release - they simply make their own installers and check some general things. It is up to a developer to have a product bug-free. If a product has problems, it is developer's fault, since Aerosoft is just a publisher in such a case.

DAndre Newman said...

Well in this case the issues appear to be far greater than "general" and in my opinion, Aerosoft needs to vet each and every product that comes through their doors completely and thoroughly. It's called quality control. Because at the end of the day, it's their name on the box and they are expected to provide adequate support for it.

The fact that this product reached the virtual shelf to a point to where they are no longer willing to release it is an Aerosoft issue. As I said before, I am confident the developers will correct the issues. What also concerns me however, is why it seems that no agreement was reached between the 2 parties to the point it had to be pulled.

With the German Airports Team releasing fewer and fewer products these days, longer waiting times between releases of AES and Simwings products (3 developers Aerosoft used to rely heavily on) it seems to me they are getting desperate to get products in the marketplace.

And I was not pleased with the Aerosoft CEO not answering my questions in their forum a few months back regarding their plans to remain viable.

Anonymous said...

"does not reflect our own standard of quality"
Are you kidding me Aerosoft ???, look at your Erfurt X, the textures are horrible, first release of EDDL had lots of issues...lmao.
Aerosoft you are just a reseller nothing more.....
Dont support your actions, bad reaction KOK

Anonymous said...

It's not that easy. As long as we simmers haven't any contract with the developers the publisher should always be interested in quality products on behalf of the company.

So for us customers it's totally irrelevant, who has caused such issues. If there is any serious trouble with the product the publisher is in charge.

Anonymous said...

This quality issue with Aerosoft's recent launches also begs the question about their Adelaide. Only did Mathjis answer me once with a very unprofessional and absurd compareson wanting to tell me "the airport was still in developement". Apart from that, I heard no answers whatsoever from anyone in Aerosoft. What are they up to?

Mason Dominique said...

Please don't make personal attacks here, otherwise they will be simply removed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Dom, I didn't mean to put names there. You can sure edit the post, I give you all the liberty... I should have put "Aerosoft"... Sorry again!

Anonymous said...

There have been issues in the past with AI aircraft not showing on sceneries, unless ground shadows are turned off in the FSX options. I'm going to stick with their aircraft range and leave the scenery range alone. Shame as they have a lot of good looking scenery available.

Musjo said...

Terribly sorry... But I seem to have missed the whole thing about Deutchland X... What was the problems with the scenery?
I tried searching their forums after the statement came, that they retracted their product - but couldn't find anything about it then.
Could anyone enlighten me regarding the development from why they pulled it, to - well now? :)

Fabo said...

Unfortunately this is a DX10 bug (with this I remind you that FSX DX10 is just in a "preview" mode, in other words, it is a "beta"), and the situation is rather grim - the method to make the scenery so good looking is incompatibile with FS9 standart AI aircraft (FSX AI aircraft are working fine even there).

As such, developer has to choose either:
-Lower the visual appeal, to support using of legacy AI aircraft in combination with beta feature of FSX
-Make the visuals look as good as you can, and advise your customers to either use fully FSX compliant AI or not to use beta DX10 mode.

There may be some workarounds to get decent visuals but they are extreemely work intensive and/or proprietary to the developer who found it (often by mistake, as it is)

Anonymous said...

Leave the large scale scenery to the experts :)

DAndre Newman said...


Read my post. You will find what you are looking for.

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