Thursday, February 14, 2013

5S0 Oakridge now an Orbx Collaboration

FSX/P3D. The wonderful 5S0 Oakridge project by GrandSurf for FTX PNW is now an Orbx collaboration. The developer made the announcement this morning with the following statement:

"In the meantime, interesting news revealed. This project will be published by ORBX Simulation Systems. This allows me to make some improvements to this addon and i'm looking forward to the collaboration with this great Development team."

Very interesting news and congratulations to GrandSurf!

Please see for a recent AirdailyX posting regarding this project.

Also, check out to read the announcement by GrandSurf.

Posted by Mark Hrycenko


Anonymous said...

So does this mean the scenery will now become payware?

Anonymous said...

It already was

altstiff said...


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