Friday, February 15, 2013

AviaSim. Here we bloody go again...

FS9/FSX. It was a great idea to do Salt Lake City. It was a great idea to do Sacramento. It was a great idea to do Saskatoon. It was a bad idea to do Luton and it's a bad idea to to Luxembourg. But if this never sees fruition as all of the above mentioned projects that have started, then I guess it doesn't matter. All of this is just beyond me. Instead of going after airports we already have in good representation, why not go after something we don't have? all these started projects with no completion is reminding me of Juniour Puente of InterSim. Remember that? The difference here is, AviaSim is actually talented. Well see what comes of this...Oh yeah, the ground image looks good.

More info here:!/pages/Aviasim/122189351224758

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Anonymous said...

Anybody can make a half decent photoreal ground layer and take a distant picture. I wouldn't expect anything from this

Anonymous said...

Juniour Puente is actually talented too, he is however this sort of person who you just can't work with.

Lee Marrow said...

Strange choice , it makes no sense , Junior released his airports through Taxi2gate as he modelled the buildings on some cuban airports ... Lots of talk but no action from Aviasim

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Aviasim, I am looking forward to this, it already looks better than the Aerosoft version espeically around the terminal how it realistically and accurately gets about 10 meters higher than the apron. Aerosoft made this part look S**tty, but this one looks great and I will be following. Seems most people are pissed because they are not doing KSLC or KSMF, and therefore flame them on every project they start.

Anonymous said...

Still can't believe they put with the Nonsense from the Saskatoon airport authority
and gave up that easy. AS long as they do not finish CXYE, I am NOT going to spend one penny on their stuff. So many airports not developed and yet the same old airports done over and over again.

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