Friday, February 15, 2013

A2A shows off their C172

FSX/P3D. Now maybe it's me, but besides the Carenado C172, RealAir is also working on the C172 among others we know of. Now here comes A2A. So even though the C172 is the most popular aircraft in the history of aviation, does the FS world really need so many from different developers? I am very sure the A2A variant will be of high quality, but I have enough 172's... We will be following development. So far, looks great!

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Anonymous said...

I'm good for another 172 - I've flown them a lot in real life, and I'm looking forward to the A2A experience with this one. Money ready :)

Anonymous said...

There's simply right now no real good 172 available in my opinion. No G1000 please.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder "what if" you could connect Accusim with some most popular GA aircraft. Now we have an answer and I can't wait to see that merge :)

Sorry Carenado - your external models are second to none but everything else is not so good...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, hoping also for ni glass cockpit. A2A´s quality is also making authentic round instruments..

love it

Anonymous said...

A possibility to insert RXP 430 is more than enough. No G1000 please

Anonymous said...

Improved carb and wing icing effects should be one of the big things i wish..

And a "living" engine as usual.

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